About effectivehr

Louise McCree MCIPD

Louise McCree founded effectivehr in May 2017 after 15 years working in various HR roles across a number of industries, including global businesses. Louise has worked within the Facilities Management industry for an extensive time but also has experience with larger brands, including Thomson Reuters, The National History Museum and Hays. Louise has a BA (hons) in Business and Human Resources and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

I am passionate about what I do, and I care about my clients. I have a very collaborative style of working, and I strive to partner with other like-minded individuals and businesses - including training professionals, business coaches, and recruitment consultants - in order to offer a breadth of expertise to my clients.

After speaking to a number of business associates, it is apparent that (sometimes)  HR has a reputation for being the 'fun police' and is criticized for not being commercial or innovative enough. Another accusation is that HR teams are not completely aligned with other departments, sitting back and waiting for a problem to present itself. It is my aim to change this perception.

effectivehr believes that HR can be friendly and approachable,  as well as flexible, commercial and astute. But more than that, I believe that HR can work with you to engage your people, boost morale and improve processes. This will lead to a fall in staff turnover, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism, leading to  a culture of inclusion, innovation and progression.